OysterMax and The Zinc Connection


You know when you find that one product, that you are unsure of to try at first because it sounds too good to be true? That product, that when you finally do try it and it knocks your socks off because it is so good? That product that leaves you shouting its name from the rooftops because you want everyone that it might help to have it in their hands? OysterMax is that product for me.

Ken and I are always keen to try something new, to adventure into uncharted territory and hopefully come out better than where we started. The same goes for new foods and lately, food based supplements. We have reached a point in our journey that we will only consume supplements that are from a food source, that have been sustainably sourced, don't contain chemicals or preservatives, are free of additives, food colouring and soy, and have been harvested in a way that doesn't cause further harm to the earth.

In the fall, Ken found OysterMax. We had been searching for a food based supplement with the highest available source of zinc for some time and through research in Cure Tooth Decay and other reputable sources, we knew that oysters would be our answer. Living in Ontario, finding fresh oysters at any given time and consuming the recommended 4-12 oysters several times per week, on the Cure Tooth Decay healing protocol, wasn't going to be easy or doable - especially with two kids to convince to eat them. We set off to research fresh oyster extract powder and found OysterMax. It fit within our standards of being simply oysters, no additives, no preservatives or hidden ingredients, just crushed up oyster powder in an easy to take vegetable based capsule. Marine Health Foods, the company that produce OysterMax, is located in Ireland - the freshest waters to get oysters from.

OysterMax arrived at our door and we all started with a small dose, Ken and I worked up to taking 4 capsules per day (the recommended dosage), James takes 2 capsules and Liam takes 1 or 2 depending on the day and his mood. Liam is four and we got him hyped up and excited to take a capsule when we explained that it's a vitamin and compared it to his friends taking a vitamin but that he needs to swallow it with water instead of crunching it up.

To say that the concentrations of oysters in OysterMax are potent is an understatement. The benefits were almost immediate, within the first couple days we noticed changes in the quality of our sleep. Anyone with kids knows that getting a good night sleep isn't always the easiest feat, Liam's sleep had always been quite interrupted and he and I spent a lot of nights waking and playing musical beds. I'd like to say that Liam and I started to sleep like babies after we started taking OysterMax, but in reality, we we're sleeping like husbands. We finally were able to have deep quality sleep, where we both woke feeling awake and ready for the day, not cranky and like zombies for the first hour or two of our day. Ken and James both noted the same improvements in their sleep habits, Ken is a shift worker and anyone who has worked shift knows that insomnia between shift schedules can be a reality, he has seen much improvement to his bouncing back between shifts and his quality of sleep has improved.

I have battled issues with my hormones for as long as I can remember, the worst being recently with my cycles spanning 45-50 days, I'm 29, cycles that long aren't normal for someone my age and it was evident that I was on the edge of perimenopause. That's not something that I'm not quite ready to deal with yet. We would still love to have more children and the thought of not being able to because of a hormonal issue was enough for me to find a way to stop what was going on with my body. I'm happy to report that since beginning OysterMax in October, I have now had three consecutive months of 34 day cycles, a normal range. I have never had a regular cycle without the use of artificial hormones so this has been huge for me. Also within this time, my skin has cleared. I'm working on a journal entry to show the before and after, I'm still not 100% where I would like it to be but through proper nourishment, my skin, my body, is healing from the inside out. 

As a family, we've noticed our immune systems building and surprisingly, Liam who started Junior Kindergarten in September after being home with me from day 1, has only had one period of high fever and virus like symptoms since starting school. We've all heard or experienced the child who starts daycare or school and for the first year contracts every sickness imaginable as they are introduced to new germs and bacteria, this happened with James starting daycare, he was always a healthy child but definitely had the runny nose, coughing, what seemed like constant little illnesses. We haven't experienced that with Liam, although our lifestyle is quite different now with Liam, I believe that the immune boosting response from OysterMax is the reason why. OysterMax can help boost your immune system response in several ways - the high organic zinc content can stimulate the thymus gland to produce thymulin. Thymulin regulates T-cells and T4 Helper cells which are key to the body's immune defence system. OysterMax contains 4.0mg of zinc per 4 capsules, a safe amount of natural organic zinc to supplement your diet. 

We have been under the care of a homeopath for the past six years and through homeopathy have an awareness of our sick times so to speak. Both kids for the past 4 years always had a week in February/March where one or both would come down with a virus or infection, fever, cough, runny nose, vomiting, general malaise - that didn't happen for us this year. As a mother, that is huge for me and why I love OysterMax the way I do. It is the only thing we've done differently in the past year and it really seems to be working.

Give OysterMax a try, not because our shop sells it and we want to sell a product, but because it is a product that has worked phenomenally for our family and a product that has helped our health in countless ways and we know that it can help you and yours. 

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