Be Naturally Prepared is owned by husband / wife team Ken and Heather. Be Naturally Prepared was born in the summer of 2013, out of our combined passion for natural and organic nutritional based health, wellness and lifestyle products. As Canadians, we found a large selection of products we wanted to use for our family weren't available locally or through other Canadian sources, so we teamed up to launch our online shop where we could offer Canadians our most loved products. 

We have carefully hand selected products for our shop which we personally love and enjoy on a daily basis. Be Naturally Prepared will only ever be stocked with products that fit our moral and ethical standards, products that have been sourced to protect the integrity of the vitamins and minerals contained within them and most importantly, products that will nourish your body while enhancing your life, vitality and wellbeing. 

Our philosophy is quite simple. We value traditional, healthy, sustainable, and fully organic nutrition and lifestyle choices. Our focus as a company is to source only the best natural everyday health, wellness and lifestyle products. The products you will find in our shop are products that we love and use in our home, and on and in our bodies on a daily basis. They are products which fit our lifestyle and work to make us healthier through their use.

Our name was born out of our desire to always be prepared for whatever life may throw our way, to be ready and willing to accept the challenges as they arise, to ride the ebbs and flows of our life, and to do it as naturally and organically as possible.