Activated Charcoal Powder - Be Naturally Prepared
Activated Charcoal Powder - Be Naturally Prepared

Activated Charcoal Powder


A must have in your first aid kit as well as the perfect addition to your everyday health, wellness and beauty regimen. Our Activated Charcoal powder is available in 100g, and comes packaged in an eco friendly reusable glass jar. Please reuse or recycle empty jar.

Activated Charcoal works by adsorbing poisons, heavy metals and chemicals by binding to them to help detoxify them from our bodies; it is especially useful in times of flu and food poisoning as it provides your body with a quicker recovery time by binding to, and removing toxins from your body. Activated Charcoal powder also has several great topical uses including whitening teeth, drawing out toxins from the skin when used in a face mask, absorb poisons of bug bites and is especially useful at healing bruises.

Our go to food poisoning elixir shared by Free + Native on The Chalkboard Mag

Note: Activated Charcoal should be taken in between meals, with water and at least three hours before or after vitamins as it may prevent your body from absorbing them. As with any new product, introduce it slowly and use as needed with caution.

Activated Charcoal
Origin: USA