Cure Gum Disease Naturally

Cure Gum Disease Naturally

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In Ramiel Nagel's third book, Cure Gum Disease Naturally, he teaches us how to Heal and Prevent Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis with Whole Foods.

Healing gum disease in not about healing your gums, it is about healing your body. Through a series of infinitely complex circumstances and biochemical interactions your body is now failing to create healthy gum tissue and healthy bone to support your teeth. Failing to see gum disease as a problem of biochemistry, nutrition and endocrine (glandular) function is why conventional dentistry has failed to cure gum disease.

The disease you face has not appeared by accident, bad luck or coincidence of fate. It is the result of decades of decisions perhaps unconscious or semi-conscious ones that have resulted in cells starved of nutrition. Your body is breaking down and taking the path towards death. It will be your choice to align to live, and to heal or to not fight, give in and allow yourself to be operated on in the last ditch effort to delay the inevitable (unless you change) loss of your teeth.

The cause of gum disease is not a mystery. It started with the dawn of agriculture and it continues because our society in general does not care to examine its real cause. The simple omission of, or lack of life sustaining vitamins and minerals.