Healing Our Children

Healing Our Children


Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting by the Author of Cure Tooth Decay, Ramiel Nagel.

There is a natural way to reduce your risk of miscarriage by 640%, premature birth by 315%, birth defects by 1602%, and reverse infertility in nearly 80% of all cases - and modern doctors and midwives don't know about it.  Utilizing the wisdom and insights of doctors such as Hippocrates, Noble Prize-winning Alex Carvel, and nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price, Nagel reveals the actual cause of the following diseases:

  • birth defects
  • sudden infant death
  • autism
  • infertility
  • colic
  • tooth decay
  • miscarriage
  • infant mortality
  • morning sickness
  • premature birth
  • scoliosis
  • postpartum depression

The true causes of these tragic conditions are our toxic foods, our toxic medicines, our toxic environments, and our toxic world.  While the current medical paradigm blindly believes that devastating diseases will be cured one day in the distant future, Nagel reveals how these diseases are largely curable, and completely preventable, today. Healing Our Children includes 44 vivid photographs and 34 lucid illustrations, with easy to comprehend text and engaging stories from Nagel's personal life.

In addition you will discover how you can create a healthy pregnancy; significantly reduce your chances of birth complications; shorten your recovery time after birth; have a well-proportioned baby; have a child with 20/20 or better vision; have a child who meets or exceeds the intelligence level for his age group; substantially reduce your child's risk for every disease; prevent every disease naturally; and nurture your child with vital parenting practices that have created healthy and happy children for millenia.

Ramiel Nagel is the father of two healthy girls, and cares about the health of your child.  His first book, Cure Tooth Decay, presented nutrition guidelines to prevent and heal dental caries in both children and adults.  Healing Our Children expands the scope of health conditions that can be profoundly affected by sound nutrition, lifestyle and parenting choices and practices.  Healing Our Children presents the beginning of the end of disease in our children.