Organic Rosehip (Vitamin C) - Be Naturally Prepared
Organic Rosehip (Vitamin C)
Organic Rosehip (Vitamin C)

Organic Rosehip (Vitamin C)


Rosehips develop on wild rose bushes as the pink flower petals drop off in early summer and ripen over the summer.  The rose hip, also known as Hip Berry or Rose Haws is actually the fruit of the rose.
The nutritional highlight of the Rosehip fruits are their highly concentrated source of vitamin C, making Rosehip an incredible immune booster, and wellness ingredient. Among being immune boosting, Rosehips are found to be anti-inflammatory, and supportive of healthy bone/joints. Rosehip also contains vitamins A, D, E, flavonoids, lycopene, and iron.

Organic rosehips

Botanical Name: Rosa Canina
Origin: Chile

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